Thursday, November 4, 2010


TacoLu is a small, fun and local Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville Beach, Fla specializing in a fresh twist on Mexican traditions.

TacoLu as a concept, is great. TacoLu as a restaurant is a let down. Other blogs and critics who have reviewed this taqueria with poor parking have given it generous applause. Frankly they have been far too generous. After having eaten there half a dozen times I remain unimpressed. 

The decor of TacoLu is fun and funky. Mismatched Mexican tiles, colorful lights and a great concrete bar create a groovy vibe and atmosphere that make you want to drink tequila and have a good time.

Too bad the food is such a let down. I have tried new things and given previous menu items a second chance to no avail. Tacos, burritos and appetizers have all left me unimpressed:

- Bangin' Shrimp Taco: such a great concept (have I said this before?) hidden beneath and made soggy by an overuse of crema. Tried this at least four times.
- Brisket Taco: braised in Mexican beer the beef in this taco is tender. However the first time the beef was salty enough to give someone heart problems and the second it tasted like week old pot roast.
- Duck Taco: a special taco (not always on the menu) that tasted nothing like duck and everything like the asian-inspired sauce they drowned it in.
- $10 Taco: no complaints here
- Queso: Good flavor but yet again so salty!
- Baja Fish Taco: What's the point of frying fish when you drown it in crema and you cannot taste the fish itself?
- Scallop Taco: Overcooking scallops is a sin.
- Suizas: Unfortunately lacking in flavor. I think stacking the burritos is a mistake here, but even though I prefer mine rolled if it were good it wouldn't matter.

In conclusion TacoLu is a great place for margaritas and fun, I just don't find it as alluring as everyone else.

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  1. Point taken. We have a Mexican place in my part of town, Ole, that has a similar problem--the food isn't all that great, but they serve excellent Margaritas.

  2. i have never seen burritos on the menu? i been to baja and the baja fish taco is the same as tacolu's . everything is so fresh. the stacked enchilada is so good with the chicken and tomatillo sauce is so good with the black beans. i hate it when scallops are overcooked. too bad. but i have always loved the yummy fresh fish tacolu gets in daily.